The Towering Inferno
The Complete Original Picture Score

Bootleg (3418155029602)
Film | Rok: 2005 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1974 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
2.Main Title5:00
3.Something for Susan2:40
4.Lisolette and Harlee2:32
5.The Flame Ignites0:59
6.More for Susan1:54
7.Harlee is Dressing1:35
8.Let There Be Light0:36
9.Alone at Last0:49
10.We May Never Love Like This Again2:02
11.The First Victims3:22
12.Not a Cigarette1:16
13.Trapped Lovers4:42
14.Departmental Pride and the Cat0:59
15.Doug's Fall / Piggy Back Ride2:17
16.Lisolette's Descent3:06
17.Down the Pipes / The Door Opens2:58
19.The Helicopter Explodes2:29
20.Short Goodbyes2:24
21.Helicopter Rescue3:05
22.Passing the Word1:10
23.Planting the Charges9:03
24.Waking Up2:34
26.An Architect's Dream / End Credits3:25
27.Susan and Doug2:28
28.The Morning After2:04
29.Maggie Shoots Pool2:40
30.We May Never Love Like This Again2:10
# Tor   Czas
1.The Towering Inferno Suite24:18
2.Jane Eyre Suite20:49
3.The Rare Breed Suite18:14
4.Black Sunday Suite13:51
5.The Paper Chase3:41
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