The Long Kiss Goodnight

Film | Rok: 2008 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Main Title2:51
2.The Accident1:37
3.The indignation0:25
4.I Want a Cigarette1:06
5.Todd and His Father1:01
6.The Unknown2:48
7.Loss Memory1:18
8.Goodevening Charlie1:51
9.Farewell Katelyn1:26
10.Don't Talk, Just Listen1:18
11.The Rifle2:21
12.The Ambush / Dr. Waldman3:34
13.Samantha Caine, Never Existed1:01
14.It Sounds Preposterous1:09
15.We Need Some Answers0:43
16.He Is a Daedalus1:12
17.Take a Deep Breath1:42
18.Why Are You Here?4:58
19.Find Her And Kill Her2:03
20.Back Home1:45
21.The Bad Guys Also Arrived2:34
22.On the GSM1:12
23.Offereing a Simple Trade3:33
24.I Want Her Alive And Unmarked3:32
25.Operation Honeymoon1:20
26.In the Freezer1:48
27.Give Me a Spark3:30
28.Hide You Katelyn2:22
29.Mitch Go For It2:09
30.She's Got the Truck1:36
31.A Serious Fight1:21
32.C & C United3:56
33.Mitch the Rescuer3:47
34.Don't Forget We Are Rich1:30
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