Fran Bow

Isak Martinsson 02/08/2019 Pobieranie
Ścieżka do gry Uwolnienie filmu: 2015

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# Tor   Czas
1.Bedtime Story1:06
2.Finding the Truth1:27
3.Mr Midnight0:50
4.The White Rabbit1:39
5.A Little Talk1:33
6.Black Tears0:49
7.It Hunts Me2:00
8.Cold Walls1:12
9.Details Omitted1:29
10.I Can See0:40
12.Inside the Children's Head1:40
13.Lost on the Path1:40
14.Grown up Talk1:45
16.This Is the Forest1:40
17.Sitting in Company1:29
18.Let's Start Over1:22
19.The King of Ithersta1:52
20.Get Rid of the Dirt1:41
21.Ithersta Green0:55
22.The City Under My Eyes2:19
23.Philmore Paranoid0:20
24.Take Me Home1:23
25.When Things Are Said1:35
26.She Doesn't Have a Cat1:45
28.My Friend Is Leaving0:36
29.It's Time for Remor1:17
30.Big Face Lady2:13
31.Golden Cage0:40
32.Itwards Tango1:40
33.The Dance with Shoes On1:40
34.This Sounds Like Cha-Cha-Cha1:06
35.Snail of Gold0:51
36.They Will Find You0:52
37.Towards Light1:57
38.Dinner for the Troll1:23
39.Fluffy Toad Bun0:54
40.The Kamala Hunt Theme1:15
41.Sneaky Fran0:39
42.The Bow Family1:05
43.Between Black and White0:55
44.Bloody Mysterious1:43
45.Paws of the Beast1:27
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