Secret of Mana


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# Tor   Czas
1.Fear of the Heavens1:42
2.A Curious Tale1:30
3.Phantom and a Rose1:28
4.Together Always1:09
5.Fond Memories1:02
6.Into the Thick of It1:56
7.The Color of the Summer Sky1:24
8.Dancing Animals1:19
9.Distant Thunder1:49
10.The Little Sprite0:51
11.It Happened Late One Evening0:47
12.In the Dead of Night1:04
13.Mystic Invasion0:59
14.Secret of the Arid Sands1:11
15.What the Forest Taught Me1:03
16.A Wish...1:03
17.Spirit of the Night1:47
18.Did You See the Ocean?2:09
20.Calm Before the Storm2:03
21.The Wind Never Ceases1:14
22.Flight into the Unknown1:30
23.Eternal Recurrence2:12
24.The Legend1:43
25.A Bell Is Tolling1:33
26.A Curious Happening1:06
27.Monarch on the Shore1:37
28.The Dark Star1:33
30.Steel and Snare1:43
31.Whisper and Mantra1:10
33.Morning Is Here1:06
34.Leave Time for Love1:26
35.Still of the Night2:50
36.The Curse1:21
37.The Oracle1:48
38.A Conclusion1:08
39.I Won't Forget1:11
40.One of Them Is Hope1:08
41.Meridian Dance2:19
42.Now Flightless Wings2:01
43.The Second Truth from the Left2:47
44.I Closed My Eyes0:32
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