Dark Money

Silva Screen Records 26/07/2019 Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
1.In Deep Waters 
3.What is This? 
4.Searching on Jotham 
5.Please Be Specific 
6.Go Upstairs 
7.You Can Talk To Me 
8.Plagued By Thoughts 
9.Bare Lies 
10.Parts of Us Fall Apart 
11.You’re Not Alone 
12.That Was A Mistake 
13.Where’s Isaac? 
14.Telling Lies and Family Photos 
15.I’m Lost 
16.In Deeper Waters 
17.Live A Lie 
18.Confession Time 
20.To The Grave 
21.We Can’t Hang Out No More 
22.Everyone Knows 
23.What Have You Done? 
24.Dark Money 
25.Did You Cheat On Me? 
26.It’s Not Your Fault 
27.I Love You 
28.Atonement on 24 
29.We Were Wrong 
30.Proud of You 
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