Film | Data wydania: 19/07/2010 | Format: CD
Edycja limitowana: 1200 kopie

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# Tor   Czas
1.Main Title4:01
2.Some Fun, Huh? I1:33
3.Trudy Remembers I1:51
4.Free Spirit4:13
5.Party Source I1:19
6.Nick The Adult1:57
7.Trudy's Realization I1:39
8.Trudy's Realization II1:00
9.As Good As Maxie1:00
10.Maxie's Realization1:40
12.Seducing Jerome2:14
13.She Won't Be Back1:35
14.Chinese Movie1:45
16.Asking For A Gift2:00
17.Shooting Commercial0:40
18.Fun In Bed1:46
19.Big Time Pictures0:57
21.Would Be Star2:28
22.End Titles4:51
23.Trudy Remembers II0:20
24.Flapper Melodies I0:36
25.Flapper Melodies IIB0:34
26.Flapper Melodies III0:08
27.Maxie Disappears0:13
28.Party Source II0:31
29.Party Source III0:29
30.Some Fun, Huh? II0:26
31.Nick Enlisted0:10
33.Flapper Melodies IIA0:49
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World premiere of complete Georges Delerue soundtrack from Paul Aaron comic fantasy, with Glenn Close, Mandy Patinkin, Harry Hamlin. Delerue anchors with wistful, breezy main theme in trademark melodic style, then adds tender themes, silent movie-era period music, more. Intrada presents every cue in stereo from pristine condition 1/4' 2-track stereo session masters vaulted at MGM. Georges Delerue conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies!

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