Howard Keel: Bless Yore Beautiful Hide
A Centenary Tribute, His 28 Finest soundtrack recordings 1950-1955

Retrospective 05/04/2019 CD (0710357434822)

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# Tor   Trwanie
Annie, Get Your Gun
1.My Defences Are Down 
2.The Girl That I Marry 
3.They Say It's Wonderful (with Betty Hutton) 
4.Anything You Can Do (with Betty Hutton) 
Pagan Love Song
5.Pagan Love Song 
6.House Of Singing Bamboo 
Show Boat
7.Make Believe (with Kathryn Grayson) 
8.You Are Love (with Kathryn Grayson) 
9.Why Do I Love You (with Kathryn Grayson) 
Texas Carnival
10.Young Folks Should Get Married 
Lovely To Look At
11.Lovely To Look At 
12.You're Devestating (with Kathryn Grayson) 
13.The Touch Of You Hand (with Kathryn Grayson) 
Calamity Jane
14.Higher Than A Hawk 
15.I Can Do Without You (with Doris Day) 
Kis Me, Kate
16.So In Love (with Kathryn Grayson) 
17.Where Thine That Special Face 
18.Wunderbar (with Kathryn Grayson) 
19.I've Come To Wive It Wealthily In Padua 
20.Where Is The Life That I Led? 
Rose Marie
21.The Right Place For A Girl 
22.Rose Marie 
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
23.Bless Yore Beautiful Hide 
24.Sobbin' Women 
25.When You're In Love (with Jane Powell) 
Deep In My Heart
26.Your Land And My Land 
27.The Olive Tree 
28.The Sands of Time 
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