Valley Of The Boom
National Geographic's Original Series Soundtrack

Sony Classical Imp 18/01/2019 Pobieranie
Sony Classical Imp 18/01/2019 CD (0190759234327)

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# Tor   Czas
1.The Internet! 
2.We Want to Change the World 
3.A Tasty Sandwich 
4.The Main Thing 
5.Where Dot Coms Go to Die 
6.Fugitive Investor 
8.Stock Still Going Down 
9.Test Run 
10.The Reason We Started 
12.God Loves Me 
13.Silicon Valley in the 90’s 
14.The Other Side of That Story 
15.Netscape’s Market Value 
17.The Brainchild of Pixelon 
18.Grow At All Costs 
19.We Got ‘Em 
20.You Shouldn’t Be Here 
21.Mark Checks the Price 
22.The Internet is Real 
23.Playing Each Other 
24.Get On Board 
26.Solid Gold 
27.Partner or Compete 
28.Technology Revolution 
29.Microsoft Smackdown 
32.Blow the Tops 
33.Michael’s Last Day 
34.I See Millionaires 
35.Big Picture Guy 
36.Many Nails in the Coffin 
37.You’re Reading My Mind 
38.Microsoft Goes Gangsta 
39.Rattling the Cage 
40.Launch Open Source 
41.Internet Explorer 
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