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Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Film Score Monthly (0638558021620)
Film | Data wydania: 17/03/2006 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
2.Fill The World With Love (Main Title)4:33
3.Where My Childhood Go?3:46
4.Flossie From Fulham Overture and Play-On0:57
5.London Is London3:29
7.And The Sky Smiled3:14
8.Know Yourself ('And The Sky Smaller' Reprise)1:50
10.When I Am Older3:11
11.Walk Through The World4:18
12.Fill The World With Love (Assembly)1:44
13.Katherine Overhears1:30
14.First Act Finale1:39
15.Entr'Acte and 'What Shall I Do With Today?'3:39
16.What a Lot of Flowers2:20
17.A Lesson ('What a Lot of Flowers' Reprise)1:47
18.Fifteenth Anniversary3:13
19.The Postcard ('And The Sky Smiled' Reprise)2:23
20.School Days1:53
21.When I Was Younger and Chips Resigns3:20
22.You and I2:20
23.Chips Accepts1:25
24.Very Pleased0:44
25.Katherine's Death1:26
26.The Boys React2:09
27.'Fill The World With Love' (Finale) and End Title3:28
28.Exit Music ('You and I' Orchestral Reprise)2:26
29.'Fill The World With Love' (Main Title) (film version)4:12
30.First Act Finale (alternate)1:37
31.End Title (film version)1:01
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1."Fill The World With Love" (Main Title) (treble version)2:49
2.Interview Segment #1Peter O'Toole2:31
3."Where Did My Childhood Go?" (alternate)3:10
4.Interview Segment #2Petula Clark2:01
5."London Is London" (alternate)3:25
6.Savoy (source)3:53
7.Pompeii (alternate)2:26
8."And The Sky Smiled" (alternate)4:06
9."Apollo" (alternate)1:20
10."When I Am Older" (alternate)2:56
11."And I Would Love You" (source)1:08
12."The Perfect Man" (source)1:50
13.Katherine's Party Piano (source)5:29
14."Walk Through The World" (alternate)3:11
15."Fill The World With Love" (Assembly) (solo version)1:43
16."Integer Vitae" (source)2:02
17.First Act Finale (alternate #2)1:24
18."What Shall I Do With Today?" (alternate)1:28
19.Ursula's Party (source)1:34
20.Ursula's Memory (source)1:43
21.Interview Segment #3Peter O'Toole0:43
22."What a Lot of Flowers" (alternate)2:17
23.'O Workship The King" (source)0:43
24."What A Lot of Flowers" Reprise (alternate)0:53
25.Interview Segment #4Petula Clark1:42
26."School Days" (alternate)2:22
27."When I Was Younger" (alternate)1:01
28."You and I" (alternate)2:52
29.Interview Segment #5Peter O'Toole2:50
30."Fill The World With Love" (Finale) (alternate)1:46
31.End Title (alternate)1:00
# Tor   Czas
2."Fill The World With Love"2:10
3."Where My Childhood Go?"3:12
4."London Is London"3:29
5."And The Sky Smiled"4:05
7."When I Am Older"2:47
8."Walk Through The World"3:19
9.Entr'Acte and "What Shall I Do With Today?"3:38
10."What a Lot of Flowers" and Reprise3:14
11."School Days"2:23
12."When I Was Younger"1:01
13."You and I"2:50
14."Fill The World With Love" (Finale) and End Title3:10
15."You and I" Orchestral Reprise2:26
16.Peter O'Toole on Location6:33
17.Petula Clark on Location4:49
18."Fill The World With Love" (demo)1:15
19."The Roll Call" (demo/unused)2:08
20."That's A Boy" (demo/unused)3:20
21."Today" (demo/unused)2:30
22."No One's Ever Been In Love (demo/unused)2:15
23."Walk Through The World" (demo)3:19
24."London Is London" (original playback)4:24
25."Tomorrow With Me" (unused)2:38
26.End Title (demo/alternate) [chorus]1:18
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