The Greatest of Their Kind

Silva Screen Records 07/12/2018 Pobieranie
Silva Screen Records 14/12/2018 CD (0738572158927)

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# Tor   Czas
1.Dynasties Opening Titles 
2.Offspring / Come To His Side 
3.Jumkin Gets The Message / His Rivals Close Ranks 
4.Find The Strength 
5.David Left For Dead 
6.David Returns Lost and Found 
7.Dissent in the Ranks-The Long Grass 
8.David Shows Strength 
9.Not Willing to Accept 
11.A New Landscape 
12.Emperor Penguins Extended 
13.Away From The Storm 
14.Keeping a Snowball Warm / Graceful Ritual 
15.Long Brutal Winter 
16.Under The Bright Moon / Casualties Are Revealed 
17.The Ravine 
18.First Sight / Penguins Finale 
19.Lions Intro 
20.The Marsh Pride / Sienna Rejoins Pride 
21.Hippo Chase 
22.A Week Later Part Two / A New Beginning 
23.Alan Is Poisoned / Never See Him Again 
25.Pride Theme 
26.Head of a Dynasty 
27.The Lions Dynasty 
# Tor   Czas
1.Painted Wolves Intro 
2.Tait Bides / Tait's Theme 
3.Blacktip's Pack 
4.Baboon Encounter 
5.The Safest Place 
6.Smash and Grab 
7.Tait's Daughter is Injured 
8.Dry Season Becomes Drought / Grave Dangers 
9.Far Beyond The Boundary 
10.Death of Tait 
11.Tigers Intro 
12.Raj Bera Theme 
13.She Vanishes 
14.Becoming Older / Parental Duties 
15.Between Feeds / Amorous Peacock 
16.Invaded Again 
17.The Drought 
18.The Whole Family 
19.Harder Times Long 
20.Raj Bera Finale 
21.She Follows / End Titles 
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