Original Television Soundtrack (Cd Only)

Silva Screen Records 07/12/2018 CD (0738572158224)

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# Tor   Trwanie
1.The Shadow Kin2:10
2.Quill's Got a Gun1:04
4.Death Awaits Us (feat. Yuri Kalnits)1:17
5.The Doctor Will See You Now1:09
7.Time Has Looked at Your Faces1:13
8.Night Music3:16
9.The Cabinet of Souls1:19
10.Back to School1:17
11.Once Upon a Time in the Classroom1:05
12.Chasing the Dragon1:24
13.Dragon Attack3:34
14.Reflections (feat. Yuri Kalnits)1:57
15.Strands from the Rift1:16
16.April's Past2:10
17.Gathering Strength4:45
18.Here She Comes in a Ruddy Great Bus0:50
19.Heavy Petal1:49
20.To Share a Heart2:52
21.Rescue (feat. Yuri Kalnits)1:11
23.Rise to Power (feat. Yuri Kalnits)2:07
24.First Steps2:33
26.Angry Enough to Kill1:35
27.Charlie's Angry, Charlie's Winning2:43
28.Planet of the Arn2:46
29.All Species Say That1:33
30.This Form I Wear (feat. Peter Gregson)1:17
31.Quill vs Lore1:29
32.I Am War Itself1:40
33.The Lost (feat. Jim Moray & Sam Sweeney)2:06
34.Charlie Laying Down the Law (feat. Yuri Kalnits)1:50
35.We Are Academics1:22
36.Fight Music (feat. Peter Gregson)1:27
37.Finding Courage (feat. Peter Gregson)2:22
38.If They Die April Dies (feat. Eurielle & Yuri Kalnits)1:17
39.This Is the One You Will Not Tolerate2:36
40.Fight Till Your Last Breath (feat. Eurielle)1:24
41.Souls Released1:59
42.Governors Revealed1:40
43.Class Credits0:39
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