12 Monkeys

MCA Records (0008811139223)
Film | Data wydania: 05/07/1995 | Format: CD, Pobieranie

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.12 Monkeys Theme0:53
2.Cole's First Dream/Volunteer Duty/Topside3:11
3.Silent Night1:07
4.Spider Reasearch/We Did It/The Proposition1:58
5.Time Confusion/To the Mental Ward/Planet Ogo1:52
6.Wrong Number/Cole's Second Dream/Dormitory Spider/Twin Moons Tango3:32
7.VivisectionCharles Olins1:19
8.SleepwalkB.J. Cole2:23
9.Escape to Nowhere/Scanner Room/Capture and Sedation3:32
10.Cole's Third Dream0:20
11.Interrogation/Time Capsule/Cole Kidnaps Railly4:55
12.Blueberry HillFats Domino2:19
13.What a Wonderful WorldLouis Armstrong2:18
14.Cole's Fourth Dream0:26
15.ComancheLink Wray and the Wraymen2:03
16.Earth Died ScreamingTom Waits3:36
17.Quest for 12 Monkeys4:33
18.Fatefull Bullet/A Boot from the Trunk/Cole's Longing3:04
19.Photo Search/Mission Brief1:27
20.Back in '962:06
21.Fugitives/Fateful Love/Home Dentistry3:22
22.12 Monkeys Theme Reprise/Giraffes and Flamingos1:04
23.This is My Dream/Cole's Call/Louis and Joe3:13
24.Peters Does His Worst3:51
25.Dreamers Awake3:33
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