Despicable Me 3
Original Motion Picture Score

Back Lot Music 30/06/2017 Pobieranie
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 2017

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# Tor   Czas
1.Evil Bratt Show1:46
2.Up the Tower2:02
3.Considered Impenetrable2:10
4.Stealing Candy1:40
5.My Brother!1:49
7.Sinister Revenge Plot1:14
8.Morning Papers2:08
9.Monsieur Pom-Poo1:23
10.Dad's Legacy1:21
11.Here We Are1:02
12.Minions Quit1:10
14.Here We Go!1:20
15.In the Dark, Alone1:15
16.Villainy Is in Your Blood1:22
17.Crushing It0:29
18.Get Ready for What?0:50
19.Evil Bratt Action Figure0:35
20.Agnes in Trouble0:34
21.Divorce Flashback0:33
22.Say Cheese!1:04
23.Rejected Me2:07
24.In the Crooked Forest0:45
25.Mel's Flashback0:47
26.Parenting 1012:33
27.Rams Bottom vs. DaVinci1:20
29.Long Walk Home0:28
30.Can We Go Back Now?1:13
31.Traditional Dance1:20
32.Tipsy Unicorn1:31
33.What Is Wrong With You?0:52
34.Why Cancelled?1:11
35.We're Going to Hollywood0:43
36.Mel? Gru?0:42
37.Back and Bigger Than Ever7:01
38.Family Traditions1:05
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