An Act of Love

CD Baby 10/01/2017 Pobieranie
Dynamic Soundtrack Records 17/01/2017 CD (888295542999)
Film dokumentalny Uwolnienie filmu: 2015

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# Tor   Czas
1.Find A Way To Love (Instrumental) 3:46
2.An Act Of Love Main Title (LR/MM/KC)1:16
3.The Calling (LR) 2:00
4.From Oldest To Youngest (MM) 1:07
5.Where Would I Go? (LR) 2:48
6.An Emotional Conversation  (MM) 2:12
7.The Promise (LR) 3:00
8.Challenge Authority (KC) 2:56
9.Setting The Trial (KC) 2:27
10.The Original Statement (MM) 2:24
11.Broken Trust (LR) 1:33
12.Join The Family (KC) 3:53
13.A Concerned Group (MM) 3:16
14.No Comment / Rumors (MM) 1:11
15.Growing Divide (KC) 3:53
16.Telling The Story (LR) 3:03
17.Sibling Connections (MM) 2:50
18.The Verdict (MM) 1:57
19.Spiritual Disobedience (KC) 4:59
20.Private Matters (MM) 3:01
21.Words From Above (LR) 4:05
22.Free (MM) 0:45
23.Banishment (KC) 0:42
24.Sharing Her Story (LR) 1:42
25.Transfiguration (KC) 1:53
26.A Full Calendar (MM) 2:09
27.Moving On (LR) 2:12
28.An Uncertain Future (LR/MM/KC) 2:40
29.If It Happens Again (MM) 0:51
30.A Brighter Future (LR) 1:57
31.Find A Way To Love (Vocal) 3:46
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