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Thor: The Dark World
Complete Score

Bootleg 2013 Pobieranie
Film Uwolnienie filmu: 2013

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.Marvel Studios Fanfare0:30
2.Origins / Dark Elves War / The Aether3:56
3.Trial of Loki2:46
4.Battle of Vanaheim2:13
5.Battle Aftermath / Allegiance / Where Do We Go Next1:00
6.Thor To Asgard / Sword and Council3:52
7.Seabass, Interns and Stonehenge2:26
9.Boy Lifts Truck / Finding The Vortex2:29
10.Jane Into Vortex / The Aether / Elves Awaken3:40
11.Thor and Heimdall Discuss The Convergence1:47
12.Thor Arrives On Earth1:56
13.Aether Disturbance / Welcome To Asgard2:46
14.Universe From Nothing / Kurse Taken Prisoner4:24
15.Shadows of Loki / Prison Cell Talk With Frigga1:40
16.Connection / Thor and Jane's Kiss2:20
17.Prison Break / Thor Joins The Fight3:50
18.Storming the Palace / Aerial Battle3:39
19.Malekeith Attacks The Palace5:01
20.Frigga's Sacrifice / Kurse Kills Frigga / Funeral Pyre3:49
21.Jane's Aether Dream1:01
22.We Are Defenseless0:45
23.Odin's Pride / Fight To the Last Drop of Blood0:56
24.There Goes the Nobel Prize / Selvig On TV0:32
25.Thor's Treasonous Plan / An Unlikely Alliance3:51
26.Freeing Loki / Exiting the Realm / The Chase7:43
27.The Fool I Always Took You ForTrust My Rage0:43
28.Springing Selvig / Reassurance1:25
29.The Showdown-Betrayal / Taking Aether From Jane4:05
30.Aether Reforms / Thor vs Kurse / Loki's Redemption3:30
31.Deliverance and Despair / To The Cave2:24
32.Richard Calls Jane / Back To Earth1:06
33.Don't Kill the Messenger0:48
34.Beginning of the End, Part A / Malekeith Arrives On Earth4:13
35.Beginning of the End, Part B / Portal Fights2:22
36.Battle Between Worlds3:57
37.Sending Malekeith Back / Saving The Worlds2:16
38.Piety / The Ship Crashes To The Ground1:31
39.Legacy / I Cannot Be King2:49
40.Thor Two Main On Ends2:12
41.End Credit Score Suite5:19
42.Reunion (Credit Cookie B)0:50
43.In the Name of Science0:40
44.A Room With A View0:43
45.Frigga's Sacrifice / Kurse Kills Frigga / Funeral Pyre (Alt)4:22
46.The Teachings of Dr Selvig (Unused)1:22
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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

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