Original Off-Broadway Cast

Musical | Rok: 1984 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Living On Sunset 
2.Nothing But 
3.The Funky 
5.Back With a Beat 
6.Standing In Need 
7.Rock Is My Way of Life 
8.Sunset Dreams 
9.Dan's Rap 
10.Cheap Chablis 
11.Bug On the Windshield of Life 
14.I Am the Light 
16.Old Times, Good Times 
17.This One's for Me 
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The release of TER’s cast recording of Gary William Friedman and Will Holt’s ‘Sunset’, is a welcome return to the market of a small scale, independent musical, that has steadily grown in reputation and popularity since its initial stage run in 1983.

It is a Cabaret Musical that celebrates the follies and grandeur of the American Dream circa 1940-1980. Moving through the decades in both genre and style, ‘Sunset’ nostalgically recalls and pastiches musical movements, from the protest folk singing of the 60’s, rock of the 70’s and the glamour and glitz of the 80’s, telling a bitter sweet tale of life and success in the music entertainment industry.

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