Heroes and Villains: Attila the Hun / Napoleon

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Seriale telewizyjne / film telewizyjny Film dokumentalny | Data wydania: 29/09/2009 | Uwolnienie filmu: 2007 | Format: CD, Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
Attila the Hun
2.Impalement Alley1:29
3.Heading East0:57
4.Take Naissus1:00
5.Naissus Battle3:09
6.Naissus Aftermath2:00
7.Call Yourself a King1:13
9.It Will Be Suicide0:40
10.It Was Easy2:40
11.Heading East (Reprise)0:43
12.What Am I Saying1:32
13.Leaving Constantinople/Aeitus Awakes/Orleans2:13
14.Fugitives and the Broach2:05
15.Royal Tour/Bath2:12
16.Assassination Attempt1:32
17.The Greatest Coalition0:57
18.I Had a Dream2:36
19.I Have to Face Him1:07
20.The Battle for the Ridge4:37
21.Punched in the Head1:20
22.Funeral Pyre/Ending2:39
24.Busy Street0:37
25.Commander of Artillary1:12
26.The Argument1:28
27.Spotting the Brits0:39
28.Doppett Attack1:54
29.Building the Battery1:12
30.Napoleon Alone0:44
31.Field Hospital1:05
32.Cannon Fire2:09
33.Always Be Kings0:34
34.The Final Battle6:08
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