King Ralph / Junior

Film | Rok: 1991 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
King Ralph
1.The Big Picture0:54
2.Search For Heirs1:30
3.Backstage News1:52
4.The Crown / To Be King Of England2:24
5.Soho Strip Club2:55
6.An Evening With Miranda1:41
7.Sovereign Procedures2:12
8.Knighting Sir Cracknell1:19
9.A Night Off1:26
10.Dancing In The Park1:30
11.At Windsor Castle1:16
12.Farewell Call1:22
13.Strangers In The Night1:20
14.Good Golly Miss Molly2:47
15.Ralph's Reflection1:05
16.Visiting Miranda2:47
17.Cedric's Confession1:19
19.Introducing Willingham1:21
20.The New King's Suggestion4:23
21.Is There A Mother2:30
22.Diana Moves In1:14
23.Main Titles2:41
24.The Lab4:18
25.Thunder And Lightning2:35
26.My Body, My Choice2:10
27.Natural Born Mother1:36
29.First Pregnant Man3:13
30.It's A Girl2:42
32.Look What Love Has Done4:31
My Girl
33.My Girl3:38
My Best Friend's Wedding
34.My Best Friend's Wedding5:20
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