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Machete Kills
First 1000 numbered copies on bloody red vinyl

Music on Vinyl (8718469535156)
Film | Data wydania: 17/03/2014 | Uwolnienie filmu: 2013 | Format: Płyta winylowa
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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
Side 1
1.Machete Kills Main Titles Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel2:28
2.TeleleBrian J. Ramos2:34
3.They Call Him MacheteChingon2:53
4.Return of Machete Carl Thiel3:33
5.Sheriff Doakes Carl Thiel2:11
6.President Rathcock Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel1:43
7.Miss San AntonioRick Del Castillo2:05
8.Desdemona Carl Thiel1:41
9.Cereza Carl Thiel2:10
10.Mendez the Madman Carl Thiel2:19
11.Machete on Boat Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel2:20
12.Chamaleon Carl Thiel2:17
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
Side 2
1.Road Battle Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel3:35
2.Luther Voz Carl Thiel4:10
3.Clone Battle Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel2:00
4.Escape from Voz Tech Carl Thiel3:14
5.Taco Time Carl Thiel2:26
6.Machete Lives Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel1:52
7.Chick FightRick Del Castillo2:22
8.See You in Space, Mr. Machete Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel2:35
9.Machete Kills End TitlesTito & Tarantula1:35
10.El Rey (Live)Chingon3:30
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Music On Vinyl ‎– MOVLP1019
'Machete don't fail'. The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space and bomb the USA. Machete needs to save his new country in a dangerous journey full of betrayals and plot twists. And he's certainly not joking around doing so. Or is he?

This hilarious action thriller starring Danny Trejo as the hero, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen as the US president (can you imagine?!), Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas and Cuba Gooding Junior is perhaps the funniest thing you'll ever see on the big screen. In short: funny one-liners, fast paced action, in-your-face violence and an array of über sexy ladies make this quintessential Robert Rodriguez film one never to forget.

The soundtrack rocks and thunders, like the film. Latin flavoured Desert Rock and cynical Mariachi meets Classical scores – better get that bottle of tequila and victory cigar ready and kickstart the subwoofer to annoy your neighbours!

180 gram audiophile vinyl
Machete Kills ‎(LP Black) Music On Vinyl MOVLP1019 Netherlands 2014
Machete Kills ‎(LP, 1000 numbered copies on bloody red vinyl) Music On Vinyl MOVLP1019 Netherlands 2014
1000 numbered copies on bloody red vinyl!
Second pressing on black vinyl

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Machete Kills (2013)

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