Dinotopia : Complete Original TV Score Episode III


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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.Main title 3 (Bad News From Unabba)2:51
2.Time To Leave3:16
3.The Temple2:13
4.Pteranodos Swarm3:02
6.The Trial3:13
7.The Mayor That Wouldn't Hear3:37
8.Cyrus Is Coming2:30
9.Cyrus Explanation3:12
10.Escape To The Library3:37
11.Escape From Dinotopia2:52
12.To The Wreck3:33
13.My Pride & Joy3:04
14.The Submarine & The Stone2:56
15.Hours To Deadline3:29
16.This Maybe The End Of DInotopia1:12
17.To The Bottom Of The SeaThe Cave4:02
18.The World Beneath3:24
19.Sun Stone Fragments1:58
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.The Light2:19
2.Scared Dinotopia2:57
3.The TraiturA Father Returns2:49
4.Family ReunionCyrus End2:30
5.Dinotopia Under Attack1:56
6.AnotherWay Out2:36
7.The Big Swim2:03
10.The Light Is Back1:00
11.Gratitude: ReunionThe Light4:12
12.Gratitude: ReunionThe Light (Alternate)4:11
14.Ends Titles1:06
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