Raintree County

Film | Data wydania: 14/11/2013 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1957 | Format: Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
2.The Song of Raintree County2:46
3.Nell and Johnny's Graduation Gifts3:44
4.There's Another Tree2:31
5.The Swamp3:43
6.Nell and Gar / Freehaven / Prelude Segue3:01
7.Johnny's Crown / Look at the Birdie5:30
8.Johnny and Susanna's First Meeting / Nell's Huff / Pursuit of Happiness / July Swim / Tell Me About the Raintree / Nell Insert / Your Exact Location6:13
9.Going Home / Train from the South / I Had to Come Back / Fare Thee Well / River Wedding Night7:38
10.Burned Mansion / Susanna's Obsession / Lament for Henrietta5:04
11.Cousin Bob's Plantation0:49
12.I Lied / Country Road / Johnny's Book / Best Friend5:03
13.You Hate Me / What Did I Do Wrong? / Where Is Susanna?...6:59
14.Be a Pig's Eye / It's a Boy / Back in Freehaven5:59
15.Dearest Thing / It's the House / What About the Fire?...7:36
16.Judby / She Was Going Home2:28
17.First Act Finale1:13
19.Brand New Pants1:16
20.Battle Montage / Atlanta Destroyed3:33
21.Fairweather / I Don't Believe It / Night Ambush / Flash Dies8:42
22.Johnny's Escape / War's End / Reunion with Susanna / Lincoln's Funeral Train6:12
23.I Still Love Him / You're Not Sick / Surprise for Daddy / Ask Daddy9:44
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