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Musical | Rok: 2013 | Format: CD, Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
1.Crazy For You 
4.Annie Get Your Gun 
5.Kiss Me Kate 
6.South Pacific 
7.Singin' In The Rain 
8.Seven Brides For Seven Brothers 
10.She Loves Me 
11.Charlie Girl 
12.Jesus Christ Superstar 
13.Mack And Mabel 
14.Blood Brothers 
15.Rage Of The Heart 
16.Some Like It Hot 
18.The Witches Of Eastwick 
19.Overture For Hal Prince 
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A Collection of Overtures from The Musicals compiled by Chris Rayner

There could have been many ways to compile this album of overtures from West End musicals. In the end I have decided to opt for a vague chronological order, based on the ages of the songs involved, and where they first originated. I hope this will cause not outrage but the entertainment it has been designed to inspire ...

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