Attack of the Titans

Pure Pop for Now People 31/07/2014 Pobieranie
Pure Pop for Now People 31/07/2014 CD (88829508484)

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# Tor   Czas
1.Theme from Attack of the Titans0:45
2.The Devastation Was Incredible0:58
3.Pure Panic1:31
4.Lazer Breath2:21
5.Bring Me the Hose Brigade0:59
6.Psychotronic Pandemonium2:09
7.Plastic Tactics2:47
8.Sky Smasher4:51
9.Photographic Evidence2:58
10.Three Hundred Foot Destroyers1:52
11.Condition Red1:38
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Attack of the Titans - 10/10 - Przegląd wersji Robo Disco, zgłoszone w (Język angielski)
Judging by color scheme and wording of the cover art, as well as the snippets of dialogue placed throughout, this soundtrack looks and sounds like it was influenced by Queen's Flash Gordon soundtrack album. The good news is that it's just as fun. Also, like the Flash Gordon soundtrack, even before you've seen the movie, you get a clear idea of what's going on in the story line.

The music is all made by electronic instruments, and unlike the early Queen boast, 'No Synthesizers', Hyperbubble brags on the CD cover, '100% electronic. No strings attached.' The CD liner notes list the stockpile of electronic gadgets used to make the soundtrack, including stuff like white noise relaxation machines along with the synthesizers and drum machines.

The highlight is the track 'Sky Smasher', which fuses Hawkwind and Jonzun Crew, with lyrics that could've been written by Rob Halford. It's a beautifully strange moment with layered robot vocals and spacey stereo nuances that reward headphone listening.

Fans of the soundtracks to Logan's Run, Electric Dreams and Doctor Detroit will find much to love here. Hyperbubble are obviously enamored with the soundtrack genre and turn in a near-perfect product here. My only complaint is that the album, like the movie, is too short. Attack of the Titans is a rip-roaring ride of synth punk, electro funk, and spacerock, and by the time it ends, I'm left wanting more.

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