Bing Crosby - The Sound of the Movies

Musical | Data wydania: 18/07/2013 | Format: Pobieranie

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# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.King of Jazz: Happy FeetPaul Whiteman and The Rhythm Boys3:00
2.A Bench in the Parck (Ver.1)Paul Whiteman, The Rhythm Boys & The Brox Sisters2:59
3.A Bench in the Parck (Ver. 2)Paul Whiteman and The Rhythm Boys3:15
4.It Happened in MontereyPaul Whiteman and Jack Fulton3:21
5.I Like to Do Things for YouPaul Whiteman and The Rhythm Boys2:53
6.Ragamuffin RomeoPaul Whiteman and Jeane Lang3:00
7.So the Bluebirds and Blachbirds Got TogetherPaul Whiteman and The Rhythm Boys3:01
8.Song of the DawnPaul Whiteman & Big Crosby3:18
9.The Big Broadcast of 1932: DinahBig Crosby & The Mills Brothers2:54
10.PleaseBig Crosby & Ansons Weeks and His Orchestra3:06
11.Here Lies LoveBing Crosby3:09
12.College Humor: Learn to CroonJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby2:35
13.MoonstuckJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:32
14.Down the Old Ox RoadJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:13
15.Too Much Harmony: ThanksJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:20
16.They Day You Come AlongJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:16
17.I Guess It Had to Be That WayJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:10
18.Black MoonlightJimmie Grier and His Orchestra & Bing Crosby3:21
# Tor Artysta/Kompozytor Czas
1.Star Spangled Rhythm, Main TitleStar Spangled Rhythm Orchestra1:49
2.Hit the Road to DreamlandDick Powell, Mary Martin & Golden Gate Quartett4:40
3.On the Swing ShiftMarjorie Reynolds, Betty Rhodes & Donna Drake4:41
4.I'm Doin' It for DefenseBetty Hutton2:13
5.A Sweater, a Sarong and Peek-A-Boo BangVarious Artist4:57
6.PrioritiesSusan Hayward and Ernest Truex1:38
7.That Old Black MagicJonnie Johnson4:16
8.Smart as a TackEddie Anderson, Slim and Slam & Katherine Dunham4:24
9.Old GloryBing Crosby & Film Chorus2:19
10.Blue Skies: Everybody StepBing Crosby4:47
11.A Couple of Song and Dance MeFred Astaire & Bing Crosby2:23
12.I've Got My Captain Working for Me NowBing Crosby3:04
13.Getting NowhereBing Crosby1:55
14.Say It Isn't SoBing Crosby1:34
15.See You in CubaOlga San Juan & Bing Crosby2:56
16.You'd Be SuprisedOlga San Juan2:09
17.Puttin' On the RitzFred Astaire4:35
18.Blue SkiesBing Crosby3:06
19.War Montage: Any Bonds Today; This Is the Army; White Christmas; God Bless AmericaBing Crosby2:10
20.Serenade to an Old Fashioned GirlJoan Caulfeld1:29
21.Blue Skies: The Little Things in Life / Not for All the Rice in China / Russian LullabyBing Crosby1:44
22.Finale: You Keep Coming Back Like a SongJoan Caulfield & Bing Crosby1:36
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