The Hunters / On The Threshold Of Space

Film | Rok: 2010 | Format: CD
Edycja limitowana: 1000 kopie

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# Tor   Czas
4.Free Fall2:06
9.X Minus 103:26
10.Black Sky3:09
13.Main Title1:59
14.Hot Coffee4:22
15.Secret Rendezvous2:41
16.Tender Thoughts2:25
17.The Comparison1:22
18.Cleve's First Encounter3:14
19.Combat Montage1:58
20.Lover's Love2:30
21.What A Deal1:00
22.MIGs On The Prowl4:23
23.Crapshooter's Luck3:25
24.The Mission1:10
25.Brutal Forces4:14
27.End Titles2:42
28.The Hunters2:13
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Two exciting scores for 20th Century-Fox films from the fifties make world premieres! ON THE THRESHOLD OF SPACE is 1956 Robert D. Webb space tale about early astronauts, starring Guy Madison, John Hodiak, Dean Jagger. Lyn Murray creates exciting display of orchestral music for scenes of training, flight maneuvers. Presented in crisp stereo from original session elements recorded at Fox scoring stage. THE HUNTERS is 1958 Dick Powell airborne action vehicle for Robert Mitchum, Robert Wagner. Paul Sawtell creates strong martial main theme, then surrounds with virtuoso action music with brief forays into requisite romance. Score was recorded in Germany during 1958 Hollywood musician's strike, resulting in mono only master elements being preserved in Fox vaults. Great fun to get early stereo recordings from under-represented Murry and additional fun to get neat fanfare-action music from equally under-rated composer Sawtell! Both scores produced by Nick Redman for Intrada, liner notes by Julie Kirgo provide details. Lionel Newman conducts Lyn Murray score, Paul Sawtell conducts his. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1000 copies!

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