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Magic Tree House: The Musical

Musical | Data wydania: 04/09/2007 | Format: CD, Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
1.How Far Can You See? 
2.Banquet In Camelot 
3.Tick Tock 
4.Banquet In Camelot 
5.The Curse 
6.Not the Man He Was 
7.Who Will Go? 
8.Four Gifts 
10.What's So Great About Magic? 
11.The Dance 
12.What Would I Do Without You? 
13.Remember And Imagine 
14.I Remember 
15.Banquet In Camelot 
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Based on Mary Pope Osborne's beloved series of children's books, MAGIC TREE HOUSE: THE MUSICAL brings Osborne's enchanting tales to life onstage. With the author's blessing, playwright Will Osborne (Mary Pope's husband) and composer Randy Courts fashioned a Broadway-style musical that expands on the books - adding characters, deepening relationships, and expanding themes. The result is a musical full of rollicking tunes and rich orchestrations that add up to a delightful experience for the whole family. The cast includes Cass Morgan (Broadway's Mary Poppins, Floyd Collins, Pump Boys and Dinettes) as Morgan le Fay, Donna Bullock (Ragtime, A Class Act) as Queen Guinevere, and veteran film and television actor Howard Sherman as Merlin. Osborne's young protagonists, Jack and Annie, are played by New York actor Paul Wyatt and Connecticut native Katie Brunetto.

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