Meet the Robinsons
Promo with the complete score. Given out at a wrap party for film employees

Film | Data wydania: 17/03/2007 | Uwolnienie filmu: 2007 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
3.Machine / Rooftop3:59
4.Getting Ready1:08
5.Science Fair, Pt. 12:16
6.Science Fair, Pt. 26:06
7.Wilbur's Proof0:56
8.To The Future2:22
9.A Deal1:43
11.The Checklist0:18
12.In The Garage1:13
13.The Plan A0:09
14.Doorbell Fanfare0:04
15.The Plan B1:22
16.Meet The Family3:18
17.Boys Bump Sting0:12
18.Pop Quiz0:46
19.Back Home With Goob0:34
20.Goobye's Story1:46
21.Time Machine Montage1:52
22.Failed Attempt0:29
23.Little Doris Arrives1:12
25.Food Fight0:47
26.Doris Stinger0:08
27.Broken Toaster1:53
28.Frog Slave1:09
29.Keep Moving Forward0:48
30.Toast To Lewis1:01
31.Dino Fight3:38
32.Family Recovery1:39
33.The Lie6:50
34.A New Future5:12
35.Setting Things Right1:20
36.Family Reunion4:35
37.Finding Lewis6:05
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