North and South: Book II

Varčse Sarabande Club (0030209108221)
Film | Rok: 2008 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Main Title2:39
2.The War Awaits3:00
3.Here's Gussie1:55
4.We'll See You Home0:42
5.Charles And Augusta1:11
6.Colonel Lamott1:01
7.Justin Gets Madeline1:49
8.Barn Burner1:24
9.At Home With Bent0:41
10.Cuffey Cases Clara0:51
11.Bent's Secret1:26
12.Nothing To Fear2:07
13.Portent Of The Future5:29
14.End Of Part I0:10
15.The War Is On2:45
16.The Back Roads2:32
17.Sneak Away2:37
18.Orry To The Rescue3:46
19.Ashton Meets Bent3:16
20.Dreams Of Empires0:56
21.The Wedding4:07
22.The Day I Was Born0:59
23.Orry Meets George1:31
24.Bitter Meeting1:28
25.Charles Chase1:04
26.Gus Helps Out0:40
27.Getting Better1:13
28.I'll Leave Tomorrow2:31
29.End Credits0:59
# Tor   Czas
1.Main Title2:39
2.George Gets The Blame1:38
3.Billy! Charles!0:33
4.Goodbye Ambrose0:56
6.Salem's Booty0:55
8.Sneaky Cuffey3:06
9.Supply Train Attack2:18
10.Orry Goes Home1:05
11.You're Nice3:27
12.Hold On0:38
13.Billy's Trip2:10
14.Private Raymond0:53
15.Clarissa's Memories1:14
16.Ashton's Assault1:48
17.Billy's Welcome0:57
18.Billy And Brett0:47
19.Who's The Enemy?1:30
20.Ashton's Retreat1:46
21.Uncle Miles0:46
22.Madeline's Decision1:00
23.Bump #40:10
24.Ambush Hurry1:27
25.Chase And Gus1:59
26.Part Of Me Now0:20
27.The Turning Point0:59
28.Orry Jr.1:11
29.Orry's Hit2:56
31.Rafe Bodine1:24
32.Wish You Well2:52
33.New Quarters0:36
34.On Your Knees1:07
35.Huntoon's Dream0:37
36.Bloody Tragedy1:45
37.Virgilia Strikes Out1:48
39.I'll Undress Here1:18
40.Augusta Inside3:14
41.I Love You0:30
42.End Credits0:59
# Tor   Czas
1.Main Title (Alt.)2:42
2.Libby Prison1:07
3.Orry Gets George1:11
4.Orry Frees George2:06
5.Paddle Away0:39
6.Hi, I'm George1:12
7.Salem, You Git!1:27
8.Back To Town0:55
9.Good Old Rafe0:48
10.George Worries2:09
11.Mr. Morgan1:21
12.You Traitor1:02
13.A Bent Request0:42
14.I Can Count On You3:48
15.Madeline's Cross0:48
16.Rafe Helps Out0:16
17.I'm Sorry Rafe0:28
18.Go See Sheridan0:48
19.Madeline Baits Bent0:57
20.Rafe Buys The Farm1:37
21.Ezra's Wheel1:25
22.April Cotillion0:55
23.I'm Going Home0:53
24.It's Too Late2:07
25.Bent Buys The Farm4:32
26.Bump #10:08
27.Southern Retreat0:29
28.Goodbye Mr. President0:55
29.Madeline's Mission1:35
30.Salem's Sniffing0:49
31.Sam's Hangup0:32
32.Good Old Fiske1:00
33.Lincoln's Quandry0:46
34.Tom's Hit1:33
35.You're Going To Make It0:49
36.The Wait For Peace1:01
37.Momma, It's Over0:53
38.Gus Is Dead0:42
39.Charles Finds His Son2:19
40.My Son0:09
41.Billy's Home1:53
42.Family Traditions1:55
43.Sam's Gone0:26
44.Virgilia's Last Stop1:28
45.The Price Has Been Paid1:24
46.George Finds Orry1:57
47.Lincoln's Been Shot0:31
48.Orry Finds Madeline2:48
49.All's Not Well1:28
50.Attack On Mt. Royal1:24
51.Oh Momma!1:40
52.A Just And Lasting Peace0:53
53.Walk To The Future1:36
54.End Credits0:57
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