Bad Day at Black Rock / Tension / Scene of the Crime / Cause for Alarm!

Rhino Handmade (0603497776528)
Film | Data wydania: 01/07/2001 | Format: CD
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# Tor   Czas
Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
1.Main Title3:19
2.Hello, Black Rock, Hello1:27
3.Village Smithy0:57
4.Hastings Information0:58
5.Walk To Jail/Jagger In Jug (Medley)0:46
6.Meet Smith0:40
7.Smith Visits Sherrif/Doc Gets Mad (Medley)1:09
8.Adobe Flats1:46
9.Jeep Chase1:20
10.Back To Town/Stealing Keys/Gas Station Blues2:17
11.Doc's Place0:41
13.End Titles & Cast1:01
Tension (1949)
14.Main Title0:18
16.Claire's Home0:40
17.Love At The Beach3:39
18.I've Come Back/Warren Is The Boss (medley)1:35
19.Nice Layout2:00
20.You Got A Good Lawyer1:02
21.End Title0:40
Scene of the Crime (1949)
22.Main Title1:45
24.Fancy Joint1:41
25.Cocoanut Ice Cream2:49
26.Call A Cop/End Title (medley)1:02
Cause for Alarm! (1951)
27.Main Title1:07
28.Letter To The D.A./Barry's Toy/Phone (medley)3:42
29.Special Delivery1:34
30.Aunt Clara2:34
31.Neighbor's Help2:08
32.No Hope0:43
33.End Title0:32
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Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)

Cause for Alarm! (1951)

Scene of the Crime (1949)

Tension (1949)

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