An Evening with Groucho

A&M Records (9786301549349)
Film | Data wydania: 01/07/1991 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Overture - Medley from Marx Brothers Films3:08
2.Introduction - Dick Cavett4:37
3.Hello, I Must Be Going1:07
4.Violin Solo, Jack Benny Tribute0:49
5.How I Got Started In Show Business1:02
6.My Family, How We Got Our Names1:40
7.Strange Relatives - Uncle Julius1:45
8.Chico At Klauber Horn Co2:26
9.Uncle Herman, Chiropodist1:11
11.Annie Berger2:50
12.World War One, Vaudeville In Toronto0:51
13.Oh, How That Woman Could Cook2:26
14.Toronto Song1:43
15.London Stories: Polish Officer Story1:48
16.London Stories: Churchill & 2nd World War2:05
17.Tough Chicago Critic Story2:47
18.Palace Theatre: Sarah Bernhardt1:04
19.Palace Theatre: Fanny Brice/Swayne's Rats and Cats1:44
20.Poem From The Play2:26
21.T.S. Eliot Memorial: Laurence4:11
22.2nd World War Bond Tour1:15
23.Houdini Story1:21
24.Music In Cocoanuts: Always / George Kaufman & Morrie Ryskind Story1:42
25.Music In Cocoanuts: Stay Down Where You Belong3:41
26.Otto Kahn Story0:50
27.W.C. Fields: Bee Bee Gun/ Prohibition1:21
28.W. C. Fields: Baby Leroy1:01
29.Heaven's Above0:59
30.Everybody Works But Father1:48
31.Father's Day1:59
32.Margaret Dumont, The Dowager In Our Films1:03
33.Thalberg Story - Garbo0:51
34.Sampson And Delilah Story0:56
35.Will Rogers, Baseball in Baltimore0:56
36.Priests' Stories: Plaza Hotel/ Montreal2:00
37.Priests' Stories: Rome0:55
38.Show Me A Rose2:54
39.Lydia, The Tattooed Lady4:17
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