Film | Data wydania: 05/06/1995 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1959 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.Overture, Act One6:29
3.Star Of Bethlehem / Nativity3:08
4.Shofar / Main Title / The Romans March Into Nazareth / Joseph The Carpenter3:51
5.Christ In The Fields / The Roman Fortress / Welcome, Messala!0:58
6.Friendship / A Toast Of Freedom3:55
7.House Of Hur1:25
8.The Conflict / The Supper1:46
9.Judah Meets Esther / Love Scene6:55
10.Gratus' Entry Into Jerusalem2:28
11.The Fall Of The House Of Hur / Messala Alone An The Roof1:21
12.Messala's Revenge / Simonides And Esther Enter The Jail1:06
13.Simonides Arrested / The Burning Desert / Judah Meets Christ / New Hope / The Roman Armada / Quintus Arrius Arrives7:06
14.The Emperor's Order0:40
15.The Rowing Of The Galley Slaves3:15
16.Judah Enters Arrius' Room0:47
17.The Sea Battle Sequences8:59
18.A Roman Sail?0:48
19.The Rowers Below / Victory Parade, Part One / Part Two3:11
20.Fertility Dance0:57
21.Arrius' Party / Farewell To Rome / The Shores Of Judeah3:08
# Tor   Czas
1.The Oasis / Judah Meets Balthazar2:00
2.Why Will You Not Accept God's Judgment?1:39
3.Judah Leaves The Tent Of Ilderim / Homecoming1:21
4.We Stood Here Before / Esther's Warning4:14
6.The Mother's Goodbye To Esther4:27
7.Judah Leaves His Home / End Of Act One1:22
8.Overture, Act Two3:47
9.The Day Of The Chariot Race0:53
10.Fanfares / The Chariot Procession3:45
11.Hail, Pilate / Victors And Losers1:21
12.He Is Coming! / Messala' s Death / The Arena1:53
13.Judah Enters The Leper Valley / Judah Meets Esther2:41
14.The Mother's Love2:29
15.The River / Judah Meets Balthazar Again / The People Gather / Sermon An The Mount3:55
16.Judah Goes To Tirzah And Miriam1:20
17.The Mother / Search For Tirzah / The Mother Is Brought Out To The Light / The Gates Of Jerusalem3:51
18.Carrying The Cross / Look Of Peace / Judah Brings Water To The King Of The Jews6:16
19.Golgotha / The Crucifixion / He Gave Me Water / The End?2:49
20.The Healing Waters / Judah Returns To His House / The Miracle / End Credits4:45
21.Exit Music (Freely Reconstructed)6:20
# Tor   Czas
2.Main Title1:59
3.The Romans March Into Nazareth (Expanded Version) / Joseph The Carpenter (Shortened Version)1:55
4.Christ In The Fields (Shortened Version)0:57
5.Toast To Esther's Future (Cut From The Final Film Version)0:42
6.The Tile Falls / The Arrest (Cut From The Film)1:16
7.Gratus' Entry Into Jerusalem (Shortened Version)2:07
8.The End Of The House Of Hur / Messala Alone On The Roof (Shortened Version)1:48
9.The Prison / Escape Attempt (Cut From The Film)4:13
10.Simonides Arrested / The Burning Desert / Judah Meets Christ (Alternate Versions, Partially Cut From The Film)6:42
11.Ouintus Arrius Arrives / The Emperor's Order / Judah Enters Arrius' Room (Shortened Versions)1:47
12.The Rowing Of The Galley Slaves (Shortened Version)3:17
13.The Sea Battle Sequences (Alternate Versions, Either Used In Abbreviated Form Or Cut From The Film)3:00
14.Victory Parade (Shortened Version)1:33
15.Fertility Dance (Shortened Version)1:15
16.The Shores Of Judeah / The Oasis / Judah Meets Balthazar (Alternate Versions, Cut From The Film)3:21
17.The Mother's Goodbye To Esther (Shortened Version)5:27
18.End Of Act One - First Alternate Version (Cut From The Film)0:21
19.End Of Act One - Second Alternate Version (Cut From The Film)1:03
20.End Of Act One - Third Alternate Version (Cut From The Film)0:34
21.Overture, Act Two (Alternate Version, Cut From The Film)3:38
22.Messala's Death (Shortened Version) / The Arena (Alternate Version, Cut From The Film)1:32
23.The Leper Valley (Alternate Version, Partially Cut From The Film)3:31
24.Esther Warns Judah / The River (Alternate Versions, Partially Cut From The Film)2:49
25.Esther Warns Judah / The River / The People Gather (Alternate Versions, Partially Cut From The Film)1:04
26.The Mother Is Brought Out To The Light (Partially Cut From The Film)2:40
27.Search For Tirzah (Partially Cut From The Film) / The Gates Of Jerusalem (Alternate Version, Cut From The Film)1:26
28.Water For The King Of The Jews (Partially Cut From The Film)1:36
29.Golgotha (Partially Cut From The Film)1:33
30.The Shelter / The Storm (Cut From The Film)0:59
31.The Miracle (Original Version, Cut From The Film)1:30
32.The Miracle / Finale (Versions Without The Choir)1:43
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