633 Squadron / Submarine X-1

Film Score Monthly (0638558019429)
Film | Data wydania: 01/04/2005 | Format: CD
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# Tor   Czas
633 Squadron (1964)
1.Main Title -- 633 Squadron1:51
2.Memories of Norway2:54
3.Love Theme2:13
4.The Attack Begins3:06
5.Murder Mission4:31
6.Crash Flight3:04
7.Love Theme1:57
8.Escape From Norway3:20
9.Peace and War3:11
11.End Title -- Love Theme -- 633 Squadron3:58
12.Public House Jazz2:54
13.Bonus Suite8:24
# Tor   Czas
Submarine X-1 (1969)
1.Main Title4:39
2.Secret Arrival1:05
3.Training Begins5:41
4.Quentin's Rescue/Quentin's Bolt/Bolt Hits Mirror2:29
5.Air Raid1:10
6.X-Craft Introduced/X-Craft Dives/X-3 Through Net4:50
7.X-3 Hits Net2:50
8.X-3 Recovered1:10
9.German Parachutist2:00
11.Bolton Defeats Parachutist1:13
12.Operation Jonah1:36
13.Jonah's Journey/Minefield3:52
14.X-1 Escapes2:10
16.E-Boat Patrol3:53
17.Depth Charge Attack4:35
18.Target Directly Above/Hesitation1:55
19.Homeward Bound -- End Titles2:18
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633 Squadron (1964)

Submarine X-1 (1968)
On the heels of FSM's release of Where Eagles Dare/Operation Crossbow (FSMCD Vol. 6, No. 21) comes another 2CD set of classic Ron Goodwin war soundtracks: 633 Squadron (1964) and Submarine X-1 (1969). Both of these films are United Artists releases of Allied missions (led by North American commanders) during World War II to attack Axis positions in Norweigian fjords—one by air, the other by sea.

633 Squadron is one of Ron Goodwin's finest war scores, with a magnificent 'chattering brass' theme that captures the exultation of flight. (Goodwin ingeniously composed the theme to reflect the '633' of the title, with alternating bars of six and three beats.) The film stars Cliff Robertson as the leader of a squadron of Mosquito bombers, with George Chakiris his comrade operating behind enemy lines. Goodwin's score is full of action and triumph, as well as a love theme for the film's romantic subplot.

Submarine X-1 is a lesser-known production staring James Caan as the leader of three experimental midget submarines in a mission to sink a German battleship. The film is a no-nonsense 'mission procedural' and the score features moody suspense and action for its underwater battles. Goodwin also provides a soaring, nautical British anthem amongst gentler moments, and his octatonic 'underwater' colors will thrill fans of his distinctive adventure writing.

Disc one of this release features 633 Squadron: first the album program (as previously released on LP and CD, remastered for the best-possible stereo sound), followed by a suite of additional cues from a 1/4' monaural tape in Goodwin's possession. Disc two features the complete score of Submarine X-1 (minus one brief cue), mastered from Goodwin's personal 1/4' stereo tapes.

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