Mutiny on the Bounty

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Film Score Monthly (9990709064223)
Film | Rok: 2004 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1962 | Format: CD
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# Tor   Czas
[CD 1] Film Recordings (June and September 1962)
2.Main Title/Portsmouth Harbor4:23
3.Leaving Harbor3:27
4.Two Dozen Lashes/Men Break Ranks3:48
6.Making for the Horn2:07
8.The Storm3:02
9.We've Lost1:08
10.Whiplashing Montage2:53
12.Maeve, Maeve/Te Manu Pukarua/Go On Then/Girls and Sailors3:48
13.Follow Me (Love Song)3:07
14.Rule Britannia/Rubbing Noses/Lovemaking Montage/Potting Shed3:57
15.Maimiti/Goodbye Maimiti/Deserters and Outrigger Chase/Prisoners/Intermission9:47
16.Tahitian Drums/Entr'Acte3:47
17.Maururu A Vau (Tahitian Farewell Song)/Dead Plant2:50
18.The Ladle1:19
20.Keel Hauling/Headsails and Foresails4:52
21.Sea Water2:47
22.Breadfruit Overboard1:41
23.Back to Tahiti/Torea1:56
24.Maimiti Go Too4:32
# Tor   Czas
[CD 2] Film Recordings (June and September 1962)
1.Searching/Wrong Chart and Pitcairn6:19
2.The Vote/They've Given Up/Gentle/Christian's Death/Definite End15:20
[CD 2] Alternate Recordings (March 1962)
3.Main Title/Prologue/Chanties6:29
4.Leaving Harbor3:31
6.Making for the Horn3:32
7.The Storm5:02
8.Whiplashing Montage2:40
10.Native Folk Song/Kids and Leis/Go On/Girls and Sailors4:24
11.How Very sweet2:46
12.Maimiti/Goodbye Maimiti/Chase/Prisoners/Plotters and Intermission9:59
13.Dead Plant1:31
14.The Ladle1:45
16.Keel Hauling/Headsails and Foresails4:49
17.Sea Water0:58
# Tor   Czas
Alternate Recordings (March 1962)
1.The Mutiny3:21
2.Breadfruit Overboard2:20
3.Tofoa Be Damned1:05
4.Burial Service2:02
5.Maimiti Go Too4:14
6.After Court/Wrong Chart/Pitcairn5:13
7.The Bird/Little Mutiny1:18
8.The Vote/They've Given Up/Gentle/Christian's Death and Epilogue15:21
[CD 3] Bonus Material (Additional & Album Versions)
9.Overture Introduction (alternate)0:29
10.Theme From Mutiny on the Bounty (album track)2:18
11.Leaving Harbor (intermediate)2:38
12.Two Dozen Lashes/Bounty (intermediate)0:28
13.Making for the Horn (intermediate)1:41
14.Whiplashing Montage (intermediate)3:00
15.Arrival in Tahiti (album track)3:16
16.Ori E Ori E/Te Manu Pukarua (Native Festival Music)2:12
17.Girls and Sailors (album track)1:56
18.Love Song From Mutiny on the Bounty (Follow Me)(Tahitian album track)2:11
19.Torea/Tahitian Drums (Native Festival Music)2:18
20.Rule Britannia/Lovemaking Montage (alternate)3:47
21.Outrigger Chase (album track)2:01
22.Burial Service (alternate version)2:01
23.Pitcairn Island (album track)1:49
24.Christian's Death (album track)4:40
25.Tahitian Outtakes3:43
26.Leaving Harbor (album track)2:37
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