The Dungeonmaster / The Day Time Ended

Film | Data wydania: 27/05/2008 | Uwolnienie filmu: 1980 | Format: CD
Edycja limitowana: 1000 kopie

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# Tor   Czas
from ''The Dungeonmaster''
1.Dream Prelude and Main Title5:40
2.Zapped Into Dream Forest1:39
3.Paul Chases Dwarf4:57
4.Stone Giant Sequence1:47
5.Ratspit Cave Battle2:12
6.Dragon Battle1:38
7.Treasure Temptation1:33
8.Mestema Vs. Paul2:14
9.Slasher and Strangler2:06
10.Paul Escapes Cop Car2:29
11.Slasher Helps Gwen1:19
12.The Fire Creature3:58
13.Cat Soup and End Titles3:04
from ''The Day Time Ended''
14.Nova and Main Titles4:58
15.The Family Arrives1:17
16.Jenny in the Corral1:26
17.The Pyramid3:19
18.Anna and the Mirror1:28
19.The Gremlin4:33
20.Grant Checks the Barn2:20
21.The Probe5:35
22.The Wolf-Lizard1:35
23.Graveyard of Ships1:58
24.The Vortex1:32
25.The Horse0:55
26.“I Left Hours Ago”0:58
27.Three Suns1:20
28.Arrivederci, Earth6:17
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World premiere of two complete sci-fi soundtracks from Richard Band. Early effort in 1980 for THE DAY TIME ENDED finds composer creating one of his most architecturally strong orchestral works. Brief ascending motif at start of 'Nova and Main Titles' plays for first part of score in woodwinds, gives way to creepy material, action sequences, then returns in dramatic, richly harmonized guise for full orchestra. Sonorous trumpet statement near end is powerful, awe-inspiring highlight! THE DUNGEONMASTER (1985) has Band melding two diverse musical concepts: wildly exciting symphonic music for large orchestra recorded in London, inventive all-electronic material scored in Los Angeles with assist from Shirley Walker. Both scores newly re-mixed from actual 24-track session masters for dynamic sound! Colorful graphics, comments from composer provide finishing touch. Richard Band conducts. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1000 copies!

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