Narrow Margin

Film | Rok: 1990 | Format: CD
Edycja limitowana: 1500 kopie

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# Tor   Czas
1.Theme from Narrow Margin2:32
2.Main Title2:33
3.The Hit 2:07
4.The Cabin2:09
5.Siege from Above1:45
6.Chopper Chase 4:17
7.The Boarding 1:57
8.New Passengers1:58
9.Into the Station2:11
10.No Carol for Wooton3:34
11.Sleeper 1:08
12.Monashee Station 2:33
13.Stalled Success0:42
14.Caulfield Runs 1:16
15.Narrow Escapes 3:42
16.Freeze! 1:14
17.Fat Refuge2:55
18.Wooton, Then Nelson 2:54
19.Nelson, Then Katherine3:30
20.It's That Man0:40
21.End Credits3:01
Bonus Tracks
22.Chopper Chase - Alternate2:42
23.Hide and Seek0:40
24.Carol Sleeps0:32
25.Mistaken Identities0:44
26.Fighting Nelson 3:19
28.End Credits - Original Version 3:02
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World premiere release of intense action score for Peter Hyams chase thriller starring Gene Hackman. Pursuits around, through, on top of train unfold over propulsive music by Bruce Broughton. Ironically, much of it was unused in final cut of movie. Intrada Special Collection CD offers complete score as composer intended. Two main ideas dominate, both draw from separate 4-note motifs. Clever architecture allows each to function alone, play one after the other or simultaneously as situation requires. Exciting highlight: early chase with jeep, helicopter, train allows - as originally scored - dynamic meld of both main ideas over energetic rhythms in percussion, low brass (including rare contrabass trombone). Another highlight: Final pursuit atop train allows ferocious, climactic action music wth intense edge. Intrada CD also offers multiple credit sequences spotlighting different approaches considered by filmmakers to open, close movie plus alternate action cues, more. Presented directly from original session masters. Notes with musical examples by composer highlight booklet. Bruce Broughton conducts. Limited edition release of 1500 copies.

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