Land of the Lost

Colosseum (4005939697525)
Varčse Sarabande (0030206697520)
Film | Data wydania: 09/06/2009 | Uwolnienie filmu: 2009 | Format: CD, Pobieranie

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# Tor   Czas
1.Swamp And Circumstance1:25
2.The Lighter Side Of Archaeology1:03
3.Food Coma For Thought1:01
4.A Routine Expedition0:48
5.The Greatest Earthquake Ever Known3:12
6.Matt Lauer Can Suck It1:22
7.Chaka Chasedown:43
8.The Ones That Got Away4:17
9.Enik Calls For Marshall1:16
10.Sleestak Attack2:01
11.Enik The Altrusian3:20
12.The Cosmic Lost And Found1:34
13.When Piss On Your Head Is A Bad Idea3:54
14.A New Marshall In Town1:37
15.Pterodactyl Ptemper Ptantrum0:42
16.The Crystal Cave1:43
17.In Search Of ... Holly1:34
18.Undercover Sleestak2:18
19.Never Trust A Dude In A Tunic4:17
20.If You Don’t Make It, It’s Your Own Damn Vault2:40
21.Holly Mad As Sin0:50
22.Sleestak Showdown0:53
25.Crystal Clear2:31
26.Mystery Cave Reunion1:22
27.Ready And Will1:36
28.End Credits Can Suck It!3:26
29.Pop Goes The Sleestak0:16
Bonus Tracks:
30.A Routine Expedition (Version 1)0:50
31.The Devil's Canyon Mystery Cave (Version 1)2:04
32.Crystal Clear (Film Version)2:19
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Will Ferrell stars as has-been scientist Dr. Rick Marshall, sucked into a space-time vortex and spat back through time. Way back. Now, Marshall has no weapons, few skills and questionable smarts to survive in an alternate universe full of marauding dinosaurs and fantastic creatures from beyond our world—a place of spectacular sights and super-scaled comedy known as the Land Of The Lost. Sucked alongside him for the adventure are crack-smart research assistant Holly (Anna Friel) and a redneck survivalist (Danny McBride) named Will. Chased by T-Rex and stalked by painfully slow reptiles known as Sleestaks, Marshall, Will and Holly must rely on their only ally—a primate called Chaka (Jorma Taccone)—to navigate out of the hybrid dimension. Escape from this routine expedition gone awry and they’re heroes. Get stuck, and they'll be permanent refugees in the Land Of The Lost.
Michael Giacchino, who knows a thing or two about time vortexes and otherworldly adventures, scores a third summer blockbuster, to follow in the wake of Star Trek and Up [Pixar/Walt Disney].
World Soundtrack Awards: Soundtrack Composer of the Year (Nominat)

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