The Magical Music of Disney

Film | Data wydania: 18/04/1995 | Format: CD, Kaseta

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# Tor   Czas
Suite From The Lion King
1.This Land / Circle Of Life6:53
2.I Just Can't Wait To Be King3:35
3.Hakuna Matata3:31
4.Be Prepared3:38
5.Can You Feel The Love Tonight2:56
6.King Of Pride Rock5:57
Suite From Aladdin
7.Arabian Nights1:19
8.One Jump Ahead2:22
9.Friend Like Me2:26
10.A Whole New World2:40
11.Prince Ali2:51
Suite From The Little Mermaid
13.Part Of Your World3:13
14.Under The Sea3:12
15.Poor Unfortunate Souls4:49
16.Les Poissons1:33
17.Kiss The Girl2:41
18.Happy Ending3:11
Suite From Beauty And The Beast
21.Be Our Guest3:44
23.Beauty And The Beast2:45
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