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Poirot at the Movies
Murder on the Oriënt Express / Death on the Nile

Cloud Nine Records (5014929500720)
Film | Rok: 1993 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
Murder on the Oriënt Express by Richard Rodney Bennett (1974)
4.The Oriënt Express11:25
5.The Body & Remembering Daisy3:11
7.Princess Dragomiroff1:08
8.The Knife1:30
9.Prelude To Murder3:57
10.The Murder3:47
Death on the Nile by Nino Rota (1978)
12.Main Titles2:27
13.Arrival At Wode Hall1:30
14.The Steamboat Departs1:55
15.Camels And Donkys1:44
16.Duet And Love Theme3:07
17.The Great Pyramids1:49
18.I Love My Baby2:29
19.The Statues Of Rameses2:00
21.Journey On The Nile2:53
22.The Temple Of Karnak2:13
23.The Carriage Ride1:20
24.Jackie's Theme1:58
25.Fox Trot - Don't Say No To...1:38
26.Linnet's Pearls1:14
27.Waltz - The White Nile1:21
28.The Conclusive Evidence2:06
29.End Titles2:20
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