After the Fox

Rykodisc (0014431071621)
Film | Rok: 1998 | Format: CD

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# Tor   Czas
1.After The Fox2:19
2.Making a Movie in Sevalio1:21
3.The Fox Will Not Fail0:12
4.Gold, Gold, Whos Got The Gold2:16
5.World of Make Believe2:38
6.Italian Fuzz1:33
7.The Fox in Sevalio1:57
8.Wheeler Dealer0:58
9.The Fox is out of the Tree0:24
10.Tourist Trap1:44
11.I've Got a Plan!0:44
12.After The Fox (Instrumental)1:45
13.Hot Gold1:42
14.Surprise Ending0:20
15.The Via Veneto1:22
17.Making a Movie in Sevalio1:21
18.Whos Talking0:06
19.Love x 24:01
21.Teach Me!0:09
22.Visiting Day0:55
23.Bird Bath2:08
24.Grotta Rosa1:21
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Big Night (1966)

Caccia alla volpe (1966)
This soundtrack is a zany comic concoction by pop legend Burt Bacharach, the composer of over 25 Top Ten hits. The mischievous score for this 1966 comedy features the lyrical talents of his collaborator Hal David on the title song, performed by The Hollies with the star of the film, Peter Sellers. Sellers assumes the guise of a Fellini-like director and persuades an entire Italian village to help him make an absurdist movie. In reality, they are helping him pull off an outrageous gold heist. Quintessential Bacharach perfection! First Time on CD!

Caccia alla volpe (1966)
Piero Piccioni (Italian version)
After The Fox
Burt Bacharach (American version)

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Caccia alla Volpe (1966)

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