Wywiad z Kaveh Cohen

Ten wywiad audio jest obecnie edytowany, przepraszam za niedogodność.
38 minuty, Język: język angielski
Nagrane przez Tim Horemans na 2009-04-20

Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen turned motion picture advertising on its ear when they released Full Tilt: The Next Evolution in Trailer Sound. Since Full Tilt's 2005 debut, their compositions have regularly appeared on the big screen as the sonic propulsion behind some of Hollywood's biggest motion picture trailers. Kaveh and Michael have composed trailer scores for a wildly diverse array of films: from the epic orchestral and choral action of Iron Man & Hancock, to chilling soundscapes for Terminator Salvation, cutting-edge rock-edged scores in Wanted. Their latest work can be heard in trailers of Angels and Demons, Wolverine and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen