The Sisters Kardos

Ulterground Records 17/07/2022 Download
Ulterground Records 17/07/2022 CD (8720357033941)
Film Film release: 2022

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# Track   Lengte
1.Manhattan 395 (Prelude)1:34
2.Calling Home0:49
4.Teddy's Box1:39
5.Never Had an Animal2:51
6.I Would Say Something1:18
7.Forty Five Minutes3:41
8.In the Park0:23
9.In Italy1:17
10.One Issue At a Time2:03
11.Human Trainer2:31
12.Impersonal Times0:32
13.Amsterdam South-West0:41
14.Just a Summer Gig2:52
15.Jen's Secret2:43
16.Doing Own Things1:04
18.I Am Sam4:42
19.Miracle Bag0:41
20.Are We Making It Or Not1:47
21.He Was Telling The Truth1:18
22.Makes Me Feel Important1:28
23.According to Legend0:52
24.I Wanna Be A Dancer0:40
25.A Dancer1:22
26.Tony Jackson1:40
28.One Stop Left0:20
29.Caroline's Dream5:50
30.When It's Raining1:07
31.Spencer Augustine1:11
32.Train Home3:28
33.We Should Do Something Together1:07
34.Every Time We See1:51
35.Zigzag Through It (Postlude)2:07
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