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Twilight: The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

Nippon Columbia 29/06/2022 Download

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Return of the Shield Hero5:25
2.The Ultimate Familiar5:50
3.Drop of Hero's Awesome4:09
4.A New Hope3:21
5.Rishia Theme3:34
7.Queen vs. Reiki3:46
8.Ost Horai4:10
9.Kyo Awakens2:47
11.A Night with Filorial2:13
12.Rishia Theme3:05
13.Naofumi Returns3:10
14.Rage Shield Return2:19
15.Glass Isekai3:07
16.Town of Another World2:35
17.Beast of ONE3:31
18.Chant of Hate3:56
19.Missing. Best. Girl2:48
20.Turtle Town2:41
21.Battle of the Book Hero2:57
22.Rishia Theme2:08
23.Power of Naofumi & Team3:31
24.GeminiElspeth Bawden4:37
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