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The Karate Kid: Part III

Madison Gate Records 30/06/2022 Download
Film Film release: 1989

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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title5:35
2.Terry Silver1:14
3.The Last Tree1:52
4.Terry’s Next Move2:57
5.The Hidden Tree3:29
6.Terry Sneaks In2:13
7.Mike States His Case1:29
8.Miyagi Scores Well1:07
9.Getting The Tree4:32
10.Jessica’s Slip1:06
11.Daniel Signs Up / Save The Tree3:08
13.Miyagi’s Prayer1:01
14.Daniel Submits1:23
15.Miyagi’s Shut Out0:40
16.Terry Owns Daniel0:39
17.Jessica’s Kiss0:48
18.Daniel’s Resolution1:44
19.Miyagi Kicks Butt1:57
20.Kata Training1:56
21.Bonsai Prayer0:36
22.The Final Blow4:05
23.Main Title5:28
24.Terry Silver1:14
25.The Last Tree1:55
26.Terry’s Next Move2:56
27.The Hidden Tree3:26
28.Terry Sneaks In2:13
29.Getting The Tree4:33
30.Miyagi’s Prayer1:01
31.Daniel Submits1:22
32.Miyagi’s Shut Out0:37
33.Jessica’s Kiss0:48
34.Daniel’s Resolution1:44
35.Kata Training1:55
36.Bonsai Prayer0:37
37.Harpsichord Of Doom1:40
38.Terry’s Next Move2:54
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