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Musiken från Wallander

WM Sweden 26/10/2005 Download (085365987869)

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# Track   Lengte
1.Before the Frost-Kurts Theme3:51
2.Before the Frost-Annas Theme1:04
3.Before the Frost-Lindas Theme1:25
4.Before the Frost-A Prayer0:57
5.Before the Frost-End Credits3:42
6.The Container-Press Conferance0:47
7.The Overdose-Collapse1:18
8.The Overdose-Linda & Father1:11
9.The Overdose-The Hospital1:11
10.The Forger-Blues for Frank2:02
11.The Forger-Franks Vamp2:31
12.The Castle Ruins-Main Theme2:03
13.The Castle Ruins-Piano Theme2:17
14.The Castle Ruins-Fooling Louise1:42
15.The Tricksters-At the Beach1:30
16.The Tricksters-The Wife0:54
17.The Village Idiot-The Caf2:37
18.The Black King-Anki Is Killed1:35
19.The Black King-Linda Is on the Black List3:47
20.The Photographer-Sarahs Murder Suite2:08
21.The Photographer-Dinner with Tom1:34
22.Mastermind-Action Suite4:33
23.Mastermind-Wrong Mailman0:48
24.Mastermind-Off to the Silos1:38
25.Mastermind-Piano Theme2:16
26.Mastermind-Piano Theme 20:54
27.Mastermind-The Hospital2:35
29.Mastermind-The Martinsson Family Loss2:16
30.Before the Frost-Anna Dies1:52
31.The Secret-Lindas Interrogation Burning Photos1:29
32.The Secret-Boys Choir1:01
33.The Village Idiot-At the Bank1:12
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