Battlestar Galactica - Volume 4

TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 13/11/2012 | Medium: CD
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# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title1:07
2.Episode Titles0:48
3.Cease Fire1:20
4.Not Dead Alert Commander Cain0:29
5.Commander Cain/Holograph/How To Fight1:41
6.Visual Echo/Fabric Of Miracles1:29
7.Cassie & Cain1:33
8.No Friendship/Get To It0:58
9.Good Luck, Son0:52
10.Launch/Squadron Rendezvous0:54
11.Tanker Mission3:12
12.What Happened?/Cain Relieved3:08
13.Lucifer Reports1:41
14.Baltar’s Ugly Smile/Shuttle To Pegasus0:38
15.Under Attack3:22
16.Another Battlestar1:13
17.Adama Worried/No Choice/Side Bet0:57
18.Air Drop2:03
19.Charges Set1:35
20.Change Of Orders/How To Win a Battle/About That Lady2:24
21.Sheba Shot1:17
22.Sheba Wounded/Blessings1:19
23.A Special Man1:14
24.Sick Room/Family1:07
25.Cease Fire1:33
26.Not Dead0:31
27.Commander Cain/Holograph/How To Fight1:39
28.Visual Echo/Fabric of Miracles1:24
29.Cassie & Cain1:05
30.No Friendship1:04
31.Good Luck, Son1:01
32.Tanker Mission [Part 3]1:02
33.What Happened?/Cain Relieved (Alternate)3:09
34.Shuttle To Pegasus0:36
35.Under Attack [Part 1]1:20
36.How to Win a Battle0:39
37.Into The Swamp2:53
38.The Attack Rhyme1:43
40.End Titles (stereo)0:34
# Track   Lengte
1.Main Title (stereo)1:07
2.Episode Titles (stereo)0:48
3.Mysterious Lights1:39
5.Very Soon1:24
6.Strange Planet1:27
7.Iblis–The Stranger/A Little Suspicious2:08
8.Looking For Iblis/Iblis–The Spell/Transmission OK1:00
9.Find Adama/Pardon Me/They Are Everywhere/Where Are You From?2:04
10.Another Narrative0:47
11.Garden Of Sin/Inside You/Launch Again2:46
12.Intercept Launch1:03
13.Death Is The Beginning2:05
14.Mind Over Mind/Under Protection0:46
15.Marching Feet/Plodding Freight Ship/See For Yourself0:56
16.Fruit A-Plenty/The Count's Proposal1:55
17.Our Enemy Has Been Delivered0:49
18.The Sentence/A Familiar Voice1:42
19.Baltar Sits1:32
21.To Win/Apollo Loses Control1:45
22.Heaven Gets Closer/Out Of Reach0:43
23.Diabolical/Adama And The Bird0:42
25.What’s Up, Count?/A Price To Pay1:59
26.You Won’t Find Him/Greusome Sight1:11
27.Devil, You Say2:55
28.On The Way Home0:21
29.Gotta Get To Heaven6:46
30.It Was Beautiful1:22
31.End Titles (stereo)0:33
32.Rising Star Celebration3:18
33.Light Ships1:21
34.Light Ship Effects And Fly-Bys1:11
35.Ship Of Lights Approaches0:25
36.A New Narrative0:52
37.Blue Squadron Returns1:51
38.Cylon Base Ship Rises Again1:43
39.Our Enemy Has Been Re-Delivered1:09
40.End Titles (Galactica: 1980)1:06
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Fourth and final volume of classic Stu Phillips music for 1978-1979 cult TV sci-fi epic from Universal, featuring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict. This exciting 2-CD set presents scores for two of series most ambitious two-part episodes, 'The Living Legend', 'War Of The Gods'. Former episode score offers military theme for Commander Cain (Lloyd Bridges), haunting line for Cassiopeia (Laurette Spang) plus plethora of space battle action material. Latter episode brings powerful contrast between good and evil with Count Iblis (Patrick MacNee) getting dramatic 'devil' motif battling against 'angelic' music for mysterious light ships, with gentle harmonies featuring women's chorus getting spotlight. As with all Universal episodes of the era, masters were stored in variety of mono, split mono and stereo (main themes, end titles) formats. Mike Matessino has carefully combined all formats into best listening experience possible. John Takis again presents detailed notes about episodes, Joe Sikoryak wraps package up with beautiful graphic design work. Stu Phillips conducts.

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