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The Snow Queen
Original Theatrical Soundtrack

HearBenji 01/12/2021 Download

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# Track   Lengte
1.You Must Attend To This Story2:01
2.Beginning Her Work1:44
3.Days Were Warm and Kind1:42
4.The Boys1:13
5.The Eye2:44
6.Kid Stuff1:01
7.The Snow Queen0:43
8.Hope Is What Keeps Us Warm1:58
9.The Bridge0:57
10.The Mirror1:10
11.The Spring Flowers1:21
12.I Need To Find Kai1:47
13.The Crow3:11
14.Turn Back0:44
15.Cold Icy Pure2:07
16.The Horde2:41
19.Your Heart, There's Magic There2:02
20.The Northern Lights0:56
22.Lullaby-Nuku Nuku1:40
23.The Storm1:37
24.The Final Pieces2:14
25.Weather The Storm2:41
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