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Josef Mengele, The Final Account

Dragon's Domain Records 16/11/2021 CD
Dragon's Domain Records 13/03/2020 Download
Documentaire Film release: 1995

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# Track   Lengte
1.Josef Mengele: The Final Account- Main Theme 
2.Mengele At University Of Munich 
3.Institute For Hereditary Biology And Racial Hygiene 
4.The Rise Of The Reich 
5.Mengele Joins The Ss 
6.Auschwitz II (Birkenau) 
7.The Angel Of Death 
9.Human Experiments 
10.Gross-Rosen Concentration Camp 
11.The War Goes Badly 
12.The Victims 
13.Narrow Escape 
14.Escape To Argentina 
16.Welcome To Brazil 
17.The Mossad 
18.The Survivors Tell Their Stories 
19.The Stroke 
20.Final Justice For The Angel Of Death 
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