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JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass

Lakeshore Records 19/11/2021 Download
Documentaire Film release: 2021

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# Track   Lengte
1.First Phone Call2:20
2.Dallas 19636:10
3.The Warren Commission4:36
5.The Mob1:06
6.Searching For Answers4:12
9.Who Do You Believe?4:08
11.Détente Deferred4:39
12.The Zapruder Film2:13
13.Magic Bullet4:33
14.Middle East Policy3:40
15.Dr. Burkley’s Secrets2:37
16.Missiles In Cuba2:26
17.Repair The Damage2:51
18.Twenty Six Volumes4:04
19.Ruby Kills Oswald6:09
20.Increase Forces1:07
21.Saundra Spencer1:23
22.Harper Fragment2:45
23.Evidence Compromised3:12
24.Entrance Wound2:30
26.Folly and Error2:44
27.Book Depository2:05
28.Oswald In New Orleans2:15
29.Abraham Bolden4:06
30.A Peaceful Vision5:31
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