Terra Nova

La-La Land Records (0826924122624)
TV-serie/TV film | Releasedatum: 09/10/2012 | Medium: CD, Download
Beperkte oplage: 3000 exemplaren

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# Track   Lengte
CD 1
1.Terra Nova2:55
2.Cycles of Time4:38
3.One Last Hope for Humanity3:20
5.This Valley2:38
6.The Moon1:28
7.You Let Her Leave With Him2:37
8.Sky's Mother1:28
9.The Portal3:43
10.Someone Wants to Talk With You2:31
11.More Than a Memory4:53
13.The Plan5:19
14.Flying Over Terra Nova2:02
15.I'm Heading Outside the Gates4:02
16.What Were You Really Doing?5:33
17.All I Needed to Know6:25
18.The Investigation of Outpost 95:04
19.There Are Millions of Them3:23
20.Last Know Location3:54
21.You're My Son1:37
22.We Brought Back Two1:55
# Track   Lengte
CD 2
1.Magical Journey3:02
2.Entering the Vortex2:50
3.Memorial Field2:02
4.Base Camp2:58
6.Remember That Handle6:09
7.New Earth1:11
8.Sixers Intel2:39
9.Take the Shot2:00
10.Memory's Echo2:48
11.Into the Beyond2:13
12.Save Your Spot3:10
13.Figuring Out What Happened1:12
14.Take a Look Around2:11
15.I Want To Declare My Intentions3:44
16.There She Goes1:36
17.I Sure Hope You Are Right2:29
18.Preparing for Battle2:59
19.This Is Lea Marcos1:46
20.They're In Charge1:23
23.Shooting Stars0:49
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