Stagecoach And The Loner

Film Score Monthly 09/05/1998 CD - 3000 exemplaren (5035135400413)
Film Film release: 1966

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# Track Artiest/Componist Lengte
1.Main Title2:32
2.Dryfork Saloon /Stagecoach Arrives1:14
3.A New Passenger1:44
4.Family History4:35
6.First Born1:34
7.All Is Forgiven2:37
8.Escape Route1:53
9.No More Indians1:08
10.Cheyenne Saloon0:35
11.Get Out of Town2:41
12.Stagecoach to CheyenneWayne Newton1:24
The Loner
13.An Echo of Bugles8:47
14.One of the Wounded10:19
15.Main Title with Narration0:52
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